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Joyous Christmas

Before we join family members for Christmas Eve, I wanted to wish you a blessed Christmas!  I pray you have a wonderful time with family and friends.  What’s really on my heart is that you will find your hope, love, joy and peace in Jesus Christ.  He really is the only One who is able to satisfy our heart and He is the only One worthy of all our praise…continually.

Radioland is a joy.  I’m finally adjusting to dairy hours!  I’m looking forward to recording and blogging again soon.  Until then, God speed!

Joyous Christmas beloved of God,



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I’ve been thinking a lot about the shepherds this Christmas. I suppose it’s because they were the most unlikely ones to receive the heavenly birth announcement, yet they were precisely who God selected! I love how unpredictable He is!  I love how He surprises us!  I love how He came under the radar, in the dark of night and how He blew past the religious elite and found common folk to share His Good News with.  Can you see His heart in selecting the shepherds?

I pray you are blessed by today’s devotion and that it stretches your thinking…  Freaked Out Shepherds.

Glory to God in the highest!

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It’s 2:30 AM and I’m wide awake.  My feet will hit the ground in an hour…  Right now I’m thinking about how God brings us to these places where all that matters is Him. Where nothing else matters, in terms of our human endeavor, except Him. All that makes sense is His life. That sounds so narrowing doesn’t it? Extreme?  Our flesh screams “ridiculous” as He squeezes us in.

The more He has me hanging out on the limb of uncertainty, the more I see how much of my life has been about striving for significance. Oh, you know, we call it career development, self-improvement…but it always ends up at the same place: self focus. No matter what we do, it ends up being about us…  We repackage it or call it something else, but it’s still about us.  Even though promoting ourselves is highly accepted and advised in our culture, especially in Christendom, it’s still our stinky flesh.  The proof of the pudding is how offended we feel when we are slighted.  In that moment our flesh is exposed.  We rear up on our haunches, don’t we?  We position ourselves…  We justify our behavior…  We rationalize our error…  We condemn others for slighting us…  We do everything except the one thing that will settle the matter before God—confess that He is LORD.  Amazing.

The longer I’m out on the limb, the more I see how my own fleshly endeavor flies in the face of God’s glory.  The exposure hurts—only for awhile.  The real story is that He deserves ALL the glory!  To God be the glory forever and ever!

I surrender to the Lord anew today.  I say “yes” to whatever He wants to do to make His truth real in my life…

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God is Directing

What looks like a redirection to us is really clear direction from God.  Anytime “our plans” change we think of it as redirection.  We have to adjust our thinking, our schedules and perhaps our lifestyle in order to adapt to a new set of circumstances.  Our head spins as we make changes from one course to another…often complaining that things didn’t turn out as we had anticipated. Bummer.

It’s all about perspective isn’t it?  To God, the course of our life is on a steady course, where there are no miscalculations or stray paths.  He never makes adjustments to His plan for our life.  With skill and tender oversight He is conforming us to the image of His Son.  Whatever bends in the road we might encounter, we can rest knowing it’s a straight shot for God.

So, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that the Lord has plunked me right in the middle of a new adventure!  He opened a door and nudged me right through it…  As of Thursday, I entered the world of broadcasting as a early morning programming host for a local radio station in Boise, Idaho.  I’m producing weather and traffic updates, as well as morning devotions.  Like this was definitely not on my career roster.

We’re still on a steady course with Grace Tapestries, but God  just added a new element in the mix (while giving a little boost my income).  At times, I find Him curious and random.  Random?  Well, so He appears, but it’s only because He often overrides my plans and disrupts my expectations.  And speaking of curious, what once caused great angst (change) is now the source of great joy!  Go figure…….in God!

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Preparing to Speak

The blog will be a quiet spot the next few days as I prepare for an event on Dec. 8.  I’ll look forward to posting again when I return.

God bless you!

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The year 2008 is quickly coming to a close.  As we were sitting around the Thanksgiving table this year, we were reflecting on the possibility that this may well be our last Thanksgiving meal together on planet earth.  Our homes and earthly possessions left behind.  Most of what we consider important today, will disintegrate into insignificance on the big lift-off.  There was nothing morbid about our conversation.  In fact, we were rather joyful considering we’d all be caught up in glory together!  Then my nephew Mark said, “I hope we don’t go too soon, because there are too many people who don’t know Jesus yet.”  Oh wow, Mark, you’re so right…   Which led to another conversation about all that God is doing to draw people to Himself; including using us, a band of round-faced pilgrims passing through this world.

Indeed, every believer is an instrument, a common earthenware vessel (I identify most with a cracked pot), He uses to lavishly pour out His life and grace to a hurting world.  I used to think I was indispensable to this work.  Now I know I’m most useful to Him when I’m completely surrendered (not brain-dead, but surrendered).  Oh.  Not only that, I hinder His work by striving to do it myself.  Ouch.  Really?  It’s the Life of Christ people hunger for.  Wait, not my opinions? Not my political stance?  Not the polyester smile I’ve plastered on my face or the saccharine-air tone in my voice?  They don’t need my version of Christianity or my best imitation of Jesus–they need Him, pure and simple.  It’s Jesus they need…  It’s the Lord Jesus who longs to give them evidence of Himself, through people just like us.  “Through us” is the saintly operative.  I wonder if much of His work in our lives is shaking us lose from our strivings do such and such for God and His kingdom?

The Lord keeps tweaking my thinking concerning these things.  As a long-time manager, He is teaching me to show-up where He goes and to be willing to go where He leads, regardless of the turns in the road or how I see things potentially turning out.  He doesn’t need my watchful eye hovering anxiously over His divine activity.  The Lord God is sovereign, and that means He is bigger than I am and He sees more than I do.  A shocking truth….

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…But God!

“But God” is one of my favorite lines. It’s a hope line in the midst of anything we may go through. It’s a line that instantly reminds me of who He is…

Everything can fall apart, but God is still in control.

Difficulty can arise in a heartbeat, but God sustains us.

We may suffer physical illness, but God is the source of our comfort and our ultimate healing (in this life or the next).

Conflicts arise among family and friends, but God will use all of it to transform us and create in us a dependence upon Him.

No matter what happens, God will never leave us, nor forsake us (Joshua 1:5, Hebrews 13:5).  We can stand on that promise today.

And beloved, don’t forget to but your armor on!  I haven’t always been very intentional to do so, but I find the battle is now too fierce not to.  Ephesians 6:10-20!!!

Glory to God in the Highest

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