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Our Redeemer Lives!

You probably won’t be shocked if I tell you we are headed for much more difficult days in our country.  Because that’s true, we need to be diligent in our surrender and more intentional with our praise!  We don’t need to faint in discouragement and dismay.  Beloved, God is still in control!  Yes, times are really tough, and it will get tougher, but God is still sovereign… His power has not diminished in the least.

In fact, you might think I’m nuts for writing this, but I am so excited because difficult days bring great opportunities for our God to display His power!  I know this is true, because I have been living over the abyss of financial uncertainty for well over three years now and He’s never failed me.  As a result of seeing Him do what I can’t, I have 20/20 “God is faithful” hindsight.  God Jehovah has been fine-tuning my vision for what He’s capable of doing.  It is such a blast to walk by faith in the knowledge of our Glorious King!

I only have one practical piece of advice: stop watching network and national news.  CNN, NBC, MSN, CBS and NPR don’t have an eternal perspective.  You’ll only get news that isGod’s Truth+their reality.  Hello?  They’ll give you their interpretation of reality and after awhile, your mind will adopt their “life without God” beliefs.  The source of their information comes from their perspective that they are in control….

Who holds the power of influence in our lives?  Oprah?  What a sad state of affairs that we have turned from God to mere mortals who think they are.

Keep looking upward, dear saint!  Your Redeemer lives!


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I recently spoke at a memorial service for a young man who committed suicide.  As I was seeking the Lord for what I might say, He gave me two very clear illustrations to share with my grieving friends.

  • Our life is made up of chapters.  We’ll have many chapters in our lifetime.  Some are joyful and fun, others are dark and difficult.  When we are in the dark and difficult chapters we tend to believe that life won’t change; life will “always” be this way.  I suppose when we are in the happier chapters we can assume that difficult days will never touch us, but both do.  It’s how we grow.  The challenge is that while we are in the difficult days, and we become seriously depressed, we can make choices that begin affecting the other chapters.  Tragically, too many people commit suicide in the middle of a dark chapter because they wrongly believe the dark chapter is the whole story of their life.  It’s not, it’s just a chapter!  Sadly, they close their life-story in the middle of something that would have eventually changed.
  • We have inversions in Idaho.  Every winter we go through several days of freezing cold inversions.  A thick, gray fog settles in and after awhile it’s starts getting to people.  Too many days of no sunshine and people begin thinking, “Will the sun ever shine again?”  You see, the amazing thing about an inversion is that just above the fog is the sun.  You can drive up to Bogus Basin and enjoy a great day of skiing…in the sun.  For the fog-dwellers in the valley it’s as if there is no sun, even though it’s just right above them.
  • Isn’t that just how we feel when we are depressed?  But eventually, the fog drifts out of the valley…like it did on Sunday…and the sun shines again.

Having spent ten-years in and out of psychiatric hospitals being treated for depression, I can tell you that there are other chapters.  The pages turn forward; writing goes into the future, and God is faithful!  Jesus Christ is the Living Hope and He is the reason that I pulled out of the slough of despond.  I never thought the inversion would lift, but it did.  As a matter of fact, a few psychologists told me I’d always be clinically depressed.  That’s how hopeless things appeared to me and others around me… But God spoke into that dark chapter and the Son broke out in my life!  Boy, did He!  Not only that, He uses my experience with depression to share Hope with others!

If you are depressed and suicidal, please get professional help.  You need perspective in the fog, please don’t try and think through depression on your own.  Be assured, dear friend, that there is a Living Hope who loves you, who knows your name and what you are going through.  Seek out someone who will tell you about the Living Lord Jesus Christ, not religion, but Jesus.

Today’s recording is in memory of Edward Duane “Eddie” Bush.  What he knows now, he would tell you to keep writing, don’t end the story… Keep turning the pages because the story only get’s better and better.

Click here to listen to Darker-Wintery-Chapters

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God is Faithful

Hello dear friends!

I’ve been adjusting to “dairy hours” at the radio station.  Wow, God is so incredibly faithful!  The hours have been extremely demanding physically……temporarily knocking out my creative energy for the blog.  But it’s been worth every second of my body’s fatigue, because I’ve witnessed the power of His strength. What seemed impossible, He accomplished!

The whole Christian life is an amazing adventure with the Living Lord.  I never imagined I would be able to go where He goes…  And yet, the more I walk with Him, the more I realize just how alive He really is.  The deepest longing of my heart is that He will live through me.  I’m fastened there by His grace!

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Regardless of how you voted during the 2008 Presidential Election, we are called as Christians to pray for and honor our country’s leaders.  It’s our duty and privilege, and may I add, our great joy.  God hears the  prayers of His people.  He listens.  He answers.  The Lord God leads nations, and He will accomplish His purposes in the United States of America under the leadership of President-Elect Barack Obama.

The Presidential Inauguration takes place on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.  In advance of this date, many believers across America are praying for God’s strong covering over the event. I recorded a one-minute prayer request that is now airing on Inspirational Family Radio, KBXL and KSPD.  May the Lord inspire all of us in an Inauguration Prayer (click to listen or find MP3 under “Listen To” on right side of blog).

By the Lamb, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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My prayer for 2009 is that we, the Church, will live in full dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s my longing, personally, as day by day I learn to ride the tumultuous waves of life with Him.  The best part of this adventure is witnessing Jesus accomplish in me what I cannot do myself.  And right now there is plenty that is over my head and far beyond my ability to manage.  Should I focus on the circumstances I would succumb to discouragement, but alas, my Savior and Redeemer lives!

My faith is not neat and tidy, rather weak around all the edges…  He knows all about our frailness and He has made provision for us through Jesus Christ.  That’s what I’m zeroing in on today and tomorrow and every day thereafter!

Jesus lives!

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