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Christ As Our Life

I keep circling back around to thoughts about eternity…the unseen…the eternal.  Something is happening not just with me, but with many Christians I know.

Unless Christ and the eternal becomes more real to us than this life; unless we cling to Jesus Christ as our life, we are bound to despair and hopelessness.

Dear one, what we are seeing unfold in the world is just the beginning.  If you belong to Jesus Christ, you have every reason to joyfully stand upon His Word and draw upon His power just as it was dispensed through those 1st century Christians.  It is no longer about appearances.  It’s not about looking and sounding religious, it’s about plunging into His strength through absolute surrender.  Christ is you very life.

Look to the Lamb!  He’s nearer than we think…


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It’s early here in Boise, Idaho.  About 4:45 AM.  I woke up thinking about all the people I’ve talked to this week who are out of work or struggling to make ends meet.  You might be among them…

It’s so difficult to stretch out over the abyss of uncertainty without a back-up plan.  I’ve been doing it for over two years now.  Living month to month; waiting upon God for His provision; looking to Him as my sole (or soul) Sustainer; and in the middle of all that, there were several freak-out moments where I thought He was ignoring me.  “HELLO, God, don’t you care that I don’t have enough money to make my mortgage payment on the 1st?”  I’d beg for awhile, then I’d settle down to the only thing I could do, surrender.

God sort of had me over a barrel—in a very tight spot.  He wasn’t punishing me, He was teaching me the fine art of dependence and surrender.  Something I knew very little about.  Oh, I could talk about it, but in the nitty-gritty moments I’d run to my own plans and efforts.

Part of what I was thinking this morning is how those two years (still going) of financial uncertainty with God have given me an opportunity today for encouraging others.  I’ve learned in a much deeper way about the faithfulness of our God and I want to share that with you!  To tell you that doing joblessness or financial distress with God is the most amazing blessing. He will take care of you—there will be times when you’ll think He’s abandoned you, but He will emerge out of the pile of doubt in a blaze of glory!

Your part?  Surrender.  Not inactivity, but surrender.  When was the last time you got on your face before God?  I’m talking on the floor, your face before Jehovah and said “Take my life, all of it.  You can make my life look like whatever you want it to look like.  I’m yours.  I surrender all my desires and ambitions.” You want to talk about a perspective change.  That will give it to you.

Beloved, take your joblessness to God. The more you surrender, the more you’ll see the manifold beauty and grace and glory and majesty and wonder of our God.

Go under His Mercy

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New Adventures

You know that saying, “If I could be in two places at once, I’d be in two places”?  Well, that pretty much describes how I’ve been feeling about the blog and other endeavors.  There’s not enough time in the day to do all that I want to do.  The good news is that God’s in charge and more and more I’m letting Him manage my schedule.

I wanted to tell you that new adventures are stirring in radioland.  You’ll be hearing about them soon.  God is expanding Grace Tapestries’ borders.  Consequently, I’m being stretched far beyond my “perceived” capabilities.  Isn’t it amazing how we automatically get in touch with our inadequacies, i.e., all those reason why we can’t do something, how we aren’t qualified, etc.  This doesn’t seem to impress God in the least, so the new adventure keeps moving forward.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited, just a tad bit in stunned by the reality of it.  It will be a blast!

So, I’ll keep you posted.  God speed!

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Isn’t it interesting how our definition of something gets redefined by what’s happening in our world?  A few years ago, job satisfaction meant that you were pleased with your work environment; felt supported and appreciated by your superiors; and had a general sense of well-being while performing work-related tasks.  Today, job satisfaction has more to do with the fact that you have a job…period.  Perspective is a gift from God.  Gratitude springs from it!

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There are many in my life right now who are dealing with illness or death, either personally or with a family member.  Actually, I can’t remember a time when I’ve been more aware of life and death issues.  However, there’s never been a time when I’ve had more hope and joy in sharing these trying times with my dear friends.  It’s as though this life and our life with Jesus Christ are becoming more clear…

I’m considering life and death in new way.  It seems as though the end of this life is the end of the line.  People we love die and they are gone.  Death is pretty compelling evidence that this life is all there is, but for the Christian there is a whole other perspective.  Spiritually we will never die.  In fact, the moment we received Jesus Christ we became a new creation with an eternal lifespan.  Do you see, eternity is now our lifespan!  This temporal life is not all there is, it’s just a droplet in the ocean called life with our Savior and Lord.  That’s the truth.

So, dear one, rest your weary head on the Sufficiency of Christ.  He has you covered… Someday, we will comprehend fully the Life that has been given to us and a cascade of joy will wash over us…eternally.  Until then, you can rest assured He has given you an Eternal Lifespan!  (click to play, it will take you to another page, just click the mp3 again)

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