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Waiting for Direction

Blogging has been difficult to get to the past several weeks.  I miss writing on a daily basis.  It looks like the Lord is definitely moving me more into radio, at least for the time being.  That’s the wonderful thing about traveling with the Lord: wherever He directs, we go.  Therein lies the joy of Jesus Christ living His life through us.

Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I’d be in radio.  As a matter of fact, before I said “Yes” to His leading, I resisted the while notion.  “I don’t have a degree in broadcasting.  I don’t have years of experience in radio,” etc, etc…  I wanted to say “No” but the influence of the Holy Spirit won out.  So here I go, resting in His sufficiency! Joyfully celebrating every opportunity to trust Him in new ways.

I’ll keep you posted.  God speed, dear friend!


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A few months ago a precious listener, Margaret, called and told me about her struggle with a brain tumor.  She shared her praise for the Lord’s faithfulness and her joy over all that God has accomplished in her life.  Margaret’s story of faith is an amazing example of what God can achieve in the life of a surrendered saint.

I have the incredible privilege of also walking with my dear little sister in the Lord, Holly.  Please keep her in your prayers as she joyfully waits upon the Lord for His healing touch.

I pray the Lord blesses you with Margaret’s Story (click to play):  Margaret’s-Story

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