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What if…

What if we are the last of the generations before the return of Jesus Christ?  What if we only have five or ten years before His return?  How shall we live?  Get busy?

There have been many who predicted the Lord’s return over the years.  Even though the Lord Himself told His disciples not to be concerned about times and epics…..we just can’t seem to help it.

My questions really have more to do with the prevailing belief of our day that we better get busy “for” the Kingdom.  Perhaps we should, but not by our strength, nor by our initiative.  It’s not up to us to change the world.  Our responsibility is to live a surrendered life to Jesus Christ, who at His prompting and sourcing dispatches His saints to do the work of the ministry.  We aren’t initiating anything except to abide in all that He is.  And then in partnership with our humanity, He accomplishes through us His divine purposes.

For the majority of my life, this sounded like complete nonsense.  Not anymore, because a longer look at the Scriptures reveals that “…it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure” Philippians 2:13.  Really?  Do we really believe that or is it just a bunch of words?  If it’s true, then He is operates in and through the believer through faith.  And it’s by His power and initiative that we go and work.  This is true, because Jesus Christ continues to live His life in our time.  His death wasn’t permanent.

As I walk through times of refining, as I am now, the reality of His life in me is growing sweeter and sweeter.  I’m still challenged by the strong urges to do it myself, but more and more my expectations are shifting to Him.  Abiding and loving the Lord is the believer’s work.  Yes, let’s get to work!

To God be the glory.


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I can’t…

This morning as I was driving to work, the Lord gently pointed something out to me.  It was one of those, “Oh” moments.  There was something that had slipped under my radar and I didn’t even realize it until the Holy Spirit brought it to my attention.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by something that I felt was beyond my ability.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I said the words, “I can’t do it.”  It was more than a confession, I was basically telling the Lord, “Since I can’t do it, I won’t do it.”  I stopped right there and didn’t take another step forward.  It was like I put up a sign that read Out of OrderUnavailable.

As all this was coming to my mind, I remembered Major Ian Thomas’ words,“Lord Jesus, I can’t—You never said I could—but You can, and always said You would. That is all I need to know.”  The Holy Spirit pointed out that I had stopped at, “I can’t!”  He is so amazing.  Right at that moment I found tremendous peace in the knowledge that He can—God is able, He is sufficient, He is the Source of my strength.  And if He’s called me to do something, He will supply the means to accomplish it.

It sure is good to know that God does not require us to be super-Christians.  We are human and we tire and grow weary.  He is never disappointed with us when we say, “I can’t.”  He knows our limitations better than we do.

So, I moved beyond “I can’t” today and discovered anew His strength and power to do what I can’t do. He did what I wasn’t able to do, and did it quite well indeed.  😉

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It’s a wonderful day to honor our mothers, but honor goes way beyond just one day.

Mother’s Day has turned into a card-selling frenzy. I stopped off at a local card shop yesterday to purchase a graduation card, and a few mother’s day cards. I squeezed among the crowd to find just the “right” card… It was pretty on the outside, but hardly expressed my thoughts. I wondered how many people read the card they gave their mother. I thought about how we let card companies express our thoughts and feelings. I wondered about all the mothers who will receive cards today and whether they will agree with the content. I don’t know…I was just wondering, just thinking…

It’s what we say and do throughout the year that honors our mothers, our fathers. And most importantly I think, honor is expressed in how we live before God. I honor my mother, and the faith she passed onto me, by living in dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ.  I honor her and glorify God.  There’s not a card in the world that can do that!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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kodiak100Today is a big event for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  They are dedicating the Kodiak-100, an aircraft that will greatly enhance MAF’s ability to reach out to people in hard to reach places throughout the world.  The entire project is a miracle story, one that only the Lord Himself could have designed.  From the wheels up, the Kodiak is designed specifically for mission aviation!

To learn more about Mission Aviation Fellowship:http://www.maf.org/ or to see the plane in action via video check out their site: http://www.questaircraft.com/.  Amazing!  Also MAF is raising money to ferry the plane from Nampa, Idaho to Papua, Indonesia.  It’s nearly 6500 miles.  The cost of the trip averages about $4.00 per mile.

If you live in the Treasure Valley (Boise) area, tune in at noon to 3:00 PM at 94.1 fm KBXL or 790 am KSPD for live coverage of the dedication of the Kodiak-100.  It will be so inspiring!  David Schafer and I will be hosting the radio program, along with Rich Buhler, spokesman for MAF. Please listen for information on how to donate to help pay for the Kodiak’s maiden flight to Indonesia.  What an exciting adventure!  God bless you…

It’s raining right now (6:20 am) in the valley…  I’m praying that it will clear up in a few hours!  I’m “pretty sure” the Lord told me it wasn’t going to rain 😉

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