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Several months ago I shared a few of my thoughts about the “What Would Jesus Do” approach to Christianity.  Those four words catch our attention, don’t they?  “What would…”  If He still lived today, what would He do?  If He could walk the streets of any city in the world today, what would He be doing right now?  Of course, wouldn’t He feed the hungry; clean up the Church; correct all sorts of evils; save the planet from pollution, and so on?  Where on earth would Jesus be right now if He were here on earth?  Everywhere humans roam!

The “What Would Jesus Do” question sure makes it seem like He’s “up there” and “we’re down here.”  Is that true?  Is it true that He lived then and not now?  Is He our historical, spiritual model we are supposed to emulate the best we can?  How emphatically can I say, NO!  No.  Absolutely not.  That’s not Christianity, that’s something all together different.  That’s religious, but that’s not Christianity.

Jesus Christ is alive right now!  He is walking a million streets every second of every day in every city or small community throughout the world.  He is feeding the hungry, healing the sick and correcting social ills, through the lives of those who have made their life available for His service.  His service…not their service for Him.  He gets to decide when, where and how, in those saints who are willing to surrender their life for His purposes.  Their life at His disposal…  And most of the time it has nothing to do with activity and everything to do with touching people’s hearts.

The real question is “What does Jesus want to do through you?”  And will you let Him?  And furthermore, will you receive through someone else the manifestation of His expressed love, mercy, rebuke, grace, admonishment, patience… Will you receive it as coming from Him, because it is!  If we are truly abiding in Jesus Christ, then Jesus Christ is the One who is doing the doing.

He is that alive today!  Jesus is that real.  He is that lively in available saints.  So dear one, stop trying to do it yourself.  Get out of the way and let Him do what He longs (eagerly longs) to do through you.  That’s when the real adventures begin!  But, you’ll have to take the big faith plunge on a daily basis.  WOW!  That is radical Christianity!

What did Jesus do? He did all that the Father did through Him, together, in partnership…  Amazing!  And we get to do the same.  Jesus and you doing all sorts of things together for His glory, in His power, by His authority.  That’s real life!


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It’s a very good thing to recognize that we are mere mortals. We may think we are self-sufficient and capable of achieving great things on our own, but apart from what God supplies, we are quite inadequate. Tell that to Wall Street or Harvard though. Right. Quack…  I’d rather be perceived as foolish before the so-called wise, than be so-called wise before God. Humility is a very good thing!

All that I have comes from Him and belongs to Him.  He makes me capable.  On that note, I rest my humanity before an All-Capable God.

Who’s Driving Whom begins with the story of me driving my aunt into town.  I pray you find encouragement and truth in this devotional.  God bless you!

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New Recordings

I’m glad to post the following new Grace Tapestries recordings.  By God’s grace and creativity, we’ll continue to make these devotionals available to you. He is so faithful!

Just click each link below to listen:
Another Calvary Moment

Delivered In Jail

Freeze Framed People

Great Expectations

Old Scripts

The Days Are Short

To Will and To Work

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The Lord is zooming in my days!  He’s blowing me away with things I never thought possible!  I just finished a new Along The Way program highlighting Bonnie Thomas.  What a thrilling story!  We’re still tweaking some of the back end details; transitions, volume, etc.  I’ve also been working on a new program that will be unveiled in July.  Again, the Lord is providing all that I need, and more.

Just wanted to drop in and tell you that our God is amazing!  He’s so alive!

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