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New Recordings…

God gives us encouragement!  He speaks encouragement into our lives and He does so in a variety of ways.  There have been quite a few times the past several weeks where I didn’t think I could pull something off.  Humanly speaking I was either too fatigued or some other challenge was hindering me.  But the Lord kept nudging me forward and giving me encouragement…  It is by His strength working through us that we accomplish anything.  I’m coming to know this very well!

These new recordings flow from His encouragement and wisdom and joy and strength.  I pray as you listen you will hear the voice of the One Who knows you most and loves you best!

Blind Spots

For Good

God’s Black Holes

GPS for Living

My Zigzag Life

Potter’s Wheel

Preserving Life

Spiritually Blind


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This last February, Bonnie Thomas came to Boise to spoke for our women’s conference.  It was a tremendous work of God as she clearly communicated the essence of Christ in you, the hope of glory.  Before Bonnie left I had the opportunity to interview her as we walked along the greenbelt.  The result of that interview ended up as another Along the Way segment called Bonnie’s Story.  Her story aired a few days ago on KBXL 941 The Voice.  To hear the broadcast, click the link below:

Along the Way – Bonnie’s Story

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Abiding In Him

While I’ve wanted to blog more often, my time has been stretched in other directions. I’ve also been going through a wild adventure with the Lord.  In all this, I’ve been learning to abide in Him, without compulsion or fret…simply abiding.  Knowing my limits, resting in His sufficiency.

I’ve had the joy of producing several more Grace Tapestries programs the past few weeks.  Here’s a new batch.  You can also find them listed on the right under, Listen To.

A Cool Dad

Broken Cisterns

Celebrate Conviction

Consider the Cost

Just a Test


The Way In

I pray the Lord Jesus blesses and encourages you as you listen to these devotions.  They come straight from my heart.

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