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A blessing…

Lord, I pray for whoever is reading this right now.  Perhaps they were just searching the Internet for information, typed in a keyword and landed here without meaning to.  I pray that You will touch their life today in a powerful way.  Will You invade their thinking with Your hope and grace and love and mercy?  I pray they will encounter You in ways that will surprise them.  Open their eyes, I pray.  Thank You, Lord, that You are not far off, but near.  So near.  May Your nearness be known to this dear one today.  In Jesus name, amen.


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My Desire

O Lord, I don’t want to dream without You. If You aren’t the Source of my desires and dreams, if You aren’t the One who’s prompting what’s going on in my heart right now, then I refuse even the best of desires and ambitions. I want what You want.

I know, Lord, as David said in Psalm 37:4, that as I delight in You, You will give me the desires of my heart.  Not because when I do “this” I get “that” but when You are my delight, everything having to do with You is my desire.  You thrill my heart, Lord!  You alone are my heart’s desire!

So, as I look to You now, as I wait upon You, and as I wait upon the prompting of Your Holy Spirit, I am content in You.  I am content with You alone.  Every desire I lay at Your feet.  I am Your servant.

In Jesus Name, I pray, for Your glory alone, amen.

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In His Grip

Lord God Jehovah, I exalt Your name.  I pause in the middle of my day and speak words of praise to You.

You alone are holy.

You alone are good.

You alone are true and trustworthy.

You alone give life to all those who seek You.

And yes, You give eternal life to those who call upon Your name through Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. How I praise You for making abundant life available to those who seek after You with all their heart!

There is none like You.  You are the only One who is worthy of all our praise.  I give You glory!  I praise You for the ways You take care of me.  Thank You for giving me breath.  Thank You for the ability to think and talk and walk and learn and create and laugh and mourn and rejoice.  You are so good to me—You are so good to all mankind!

Lord, I thank You for prayer; for giving Your people an open door to access You.  Thank You for hearing and responding.  I proclaim my trust in You as Your people wait for You to direct and lead.  I am looking to You, Jehovah El Roi!  I am resting in You, Jehovah Shalom.  I am trusting You, Jehovah Jireh!

Lord God, I say the words, “I trust You,” but will You stir up in me an earnest, heartfelt desire to seek You, to wait upon You in greater measure?  Will You give me a burning desire to have You be at the center of my life?  I desire not just to come to You with my needs and desires, but to earnestly seek after You because of who You are… I know this is often best accomplished through difficulty and hardship and I trust You even in the midst of suffering.  May Your good work, work within me Your perfect will.

I confess that I often have things backwards, Lord.  I confess that I am too often about seeking my own will.  When I experience disruption in my life and I want instant relief.  When I don’t get my way and I seek after You to make things go well for me.  When I experience conflict and I beg You to get me out of it.  I am selfish, Lord.  I am self-centered, Lord.  I confess that I have often seen you as a god who exists to serve me.  I bow down.  I acknowledge You.  I humble myself before You.

O Father, I seek Your forgiveness for creating an idol from my vain imagination and selfish desires.  My greatest need, Lord God, is not answer to prayer, but to see You as Holy and Glorious.  Undo me, Lord, I pray.  Unsettle me from positions of pride.  Stir me up, Lord, so I become a person who earnestly seeks after You…for Your glory alone.

Thank You, Lord, for Your Life in me.  Thank You, that the forgiveness I seek is already paid and covered by Jesus my Lord.  How I praise You that my confession rises out of Your provision, already paid and purchased on Calvary and that what I ask You now, is that my fellowship with You will be unbroken.  I want unhindered, unbroken fellowship with you, my Lord.  I want the life people see in me, to be Your Life, for Your glory, always!

I humbly pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord.  So be it, by faith, I pray.

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