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Lord, I praise You for leading Your children onward.  Thank You for Your faithfulness in changing our thinking and shaping our behavior.  So ably You reveal to us those areas in our lives where the flesh has taken hold, and so faithfully You free us from those entanglements.  How I praise You for assuming all the weight of my transformation…which is no weight to You at all.  It’s with joy that I cling to You, looking to You the Author and Perfecter of my faith.  That truth causes me to rest in all that You are, today and tomorrow.  I love You, Papa!


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Oil Spill

The earth belongs to You, Father.  Every mountain, every valley, every sea belongs to You.  You know what lies beneath the earth, and You have complete knowledge of the vast reserve of oil below the ocean floor.  The earth belongs to You, Father.  At Your word all of it will one day be restored, but now, even the earth groans.  You know.

Lord God, You have observed every attempt of man to correct the oil spill.  You see the frustration and the fear.  You have heard every prayer.  You are attuned to the prayers of those who are afraid of the impact along the coastline of countries and states.  You know.  And You know the solution.  You know how to stop the oil spill.

Father, we ask You to impart wisdom to those who seek Your face, who call upon You to fix this problem.  We ask You O Merciful Father, to answer the prayers of God-fearing men and women, and children, who are pleading for Your resolve to the oil spill, for Your glory.  May Your answer, Your ingenuity come swift to men and women who love You.  And Father, if it will bring more glory to Your Name to just plug up the hole without human assistance, then so be it.  Ultimately, You will have Your way, for Your glory.  We stand in awe of You even before the answer comes.

Please forgive us for turning our back on You and presuming upon Your grace and mercy without acknowledging You.  We deserve Your wrath, but You give us Your grace.  O that we will turn to You in faith and humble obedience.

We put our full hope and trust in You, Yahweh.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we pray.  Amen.

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Lord Jesus, will You awaken my heart all the more to the reality of Your presence?  I’m looking to You.  I’m looking for You.  I’m looking forward to You opening the eyes of my heart more fully so I can see You more fully.  And Lord, it’s also true, I’m looking forward to walking by faith when I can’t see You so clearly.  I trusted You with my salvation, and now I know I can trust You with growing me up in greater dependence upon You.  Thank You, Abba Father!

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O Lord God Almighty, I’m going with You today.  Wherever You lead, I will follow.  Whatever You initiate to do through me, I will do with You, with You leading.  I don’t want to strike out on my own, blazing my own trail…  I want to go with You.

And Father, that makes me think, is there any excess baggage I’m toting around that would hinder me from going freely with You?  Pride, unbelief, unforgiveness, laziness or idols?  I’m trusting You to reveal anything that I need to confess to You.  I joyfully embrace every opportunity to bring any sin before and to seek Your cleansing, because You are my Father.  I trust You.  I exalt You above all things.

Yahweh.  Will You so move through me today that what people see is You and not me?  That’s what I want more than anything, so You’ll be magnified and glorified in my life…no matter what I’m doing.  O Father, I pray the same for Your Beloved Bride, the Church, may all the saints exalt You…and go with You…in love and grace and unity.  Lord, may we go together, not as independent agents.

Thank You, Lord!  I love You!  I adore You!  I give You all the glory and honor due Your Name, in Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  So be it according to Your will.

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Drawing Near

Lord God Jehovah, my Father, I draw near to You.  Even though I don’t see You, I know You are with me, in me, and round about me.  So often as I move throughout my day, I lose sight of You though.  I’m sorry.  I don’t do it intentionally, I simply get carried away by tangible things in front of me…the sights and sounds of life can be so distracting.

Papa, You know I keep asking You to give Your people (me too) a clear revelation of Your Presence.  Will You awaken us?  Sometimes I think You need to wake us up, because we seem to be asleep in our pews.  I also ask on behalf of those who don’t know You yet, that they will come to know and see You.  I pray they will come to realize who You are.  I pray that the truth of Your Life will be revealed to them.  O may it be so, Abba.

So often in Your Word, I read, “Open their eyes…”  Elisha and Paul prayed this for those standing near.  So, Father, open our eyes to the reality of Your Life…and not just so we will see, but that in seeing we will come to understand the expanse of Your Majesty and Holiness; so that we might live as yielded vessels for Your honor and glory.

Father, I yield my life, my whole life to You.  By the Power of Your Holy Spirit, I want You to live through my body in such a way that what people see in me is You.  I want them to see Jesus unhindered, uninterrupted in me.  And almost instantly I think, how can that be?  I’m such a clod…so imperfect…blowing it in so many ways.  But just as quickly, I consider Your Word and I’m reminded even in my humanness, You are transforming me from one degree of glory to the next.  And then, “Faithful is He who called us, and He will do it.”  Ah, that’s music to my soul.  I trust You.  I depend upon You.  You are my joy, Papa!

By the Power of God.  So be it, in Jesus Name for Your glory alone.

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Abba Father, will You give us an outbreak of prayer in our country, in the world?  Will You give Your people a burning desire to earnestly seek You above all else?  We need to turn to You in prayer, Lord, and have it be more than just seeking You because something’s wrong in our life and You need to fix it.  O Father, forgive us for turning You into a gumball machine God.

We thank You that we can come to You with our needs and You even ask us to, but Father, give us a burning desire to come to You because You are God Almighty.  May we come to You because You are worthy of our every desire and expectation.  Father, will You bring upon America a great hunger and thirst to turn our attention to You?  When we consider all the events occurring in our country, and in the world; all the heartache and pain, Lord, may these crises be the very sorrows that draw us to You.  Yes, we pray for Your great comfort and peace be shed abroad in our hearts…..so we might run the race set before us. So, Lord, spark us to pray.  Light the flame of prayer that advances Your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, for Your glory, amen.

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Our Isaac

And then Father, there are those times when you ask us to put down that which we love, some desire or possession, on the altar as an Isaac.  Surely we hope to find a lamb in the thicket that will save our beloved treasure.  Bound and restless we lay it down before You.  Again, we hope for a last minute rescue.  We anxiously look around, no movement in the bush, no mounties on the horizon.  Perhaps the very thing we are clinging to is offered up unto death.  You spared Isaac—we know too well the end of the story.  Would we lay our treasure down knowing that Your desire is complete sacrifice; relinquishing every hope of a rescue or a resurrection?

Father, my sacrifice, my treasure is bound before You…

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