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Wow, Lord!

Do you know how it is when we put God in a box and we expect Him to behave a certain way and then He doesn’t?  That’s the best thing that could happen to us!

God is not human.  He’s no tame lion.  He doesn’t perform tricks for us.  He doesn’t think the way we think, or act the way we act.  As it say in Isaiah 55:9, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”  So, when God does something so unlike us human beings, it takes us awhile to adjust our thinking.  Once we do we’ll say something like, “Wow, Lord!”  We get “wowed” by God.  Of course, He’s full of awe and wonder!  His majesty has no borders, no limits!

I’m so glad God is unmanageable!  The more I trust Him, the more grateful I am that He is bigger and wider and higher than I can imagine.  And once again, I come to know that it’s not about me…  Amen!


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Faith Perspectives

When we step out in faith, trusting God in ways we have never done before, we will begin to discover the inept human strategies we have employed in the past.  Those old ways of doing things are seen for what they are.  Like yesterday, I realized something I would never have realized had I not stepped out in faith…into the unknown…hanging over the abyss of uncertainty.  I discovered a “Just in case God doesn’t come through option plan.”  It wasn’t much of an option plan, but I still had to confess that I was holding out trust in God.  So I took what I was withholding from Him and let it go.  I confessed my unbelief.  It’s a new day!

I don’t know how things will turn out.  Who does?  This may be our last day on planet earth.  God’s mercies are new everyday.  He is faithful and good!  My eyes are on Him!

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There are many today who forecast a dismal future for America.  There are also those who have a growing sense that unless things turn around, America, as we know it will cease to exist.  There have been enough changes even over the past 20 years to cause us grave concern.  On some haunting level, we know something is terribly wrong.  It appears we are on the brink of internal collapse.

While some are hoping for a political solution, others are clinging to the possibility of an economic recovery.  But as Christians do we have the same expectancy?  How do we live during this time?  What should be our hopeful response for such a time as this?  As believers we must realize that our citizenship is in heaven.  That means our allegiance is to God and His Kingdom; His purposes and His will.  God has a plan and nothing is thwarting it now or will in the future.

Obviously then, the most important activity of a Christ-believer and -follower is to receive daily instructions and directives from the Captain of their soul.  Our allegiance and devotion is to Christ Jesus.  He is our Master and Commander.  Orders come from Headquarters…

If we are not in His word or in daily devoted, ceaseless prayer, how on earth can we effectively hear and learn what is on the Lord’s mind?  I’m not talking about spiritual formation here—where the focus is on our spiritual growth—but I am referring to a purpose of meditation and communion with a God who actually daily reveals His purpose and will.  If we aren’t tuned in and listening, how can we know what to do and where to go and what to speak?

Oh, you might be thinking, how absolutely ridiculous to suggest that the Holy Spirit could or would actually be that specific with us.  That’s our current level of expectancy as Christians today.  We really believe that the days of clear direction from God is impossible; guess work at best.  And some Christians believe that God isn’t speaking today; that the His word is instructive, but not alive; that the Spirit can’t really give expression to specific, detailed instructions.  So, what we fail to expect, we ignore and disregard.

If we really spent time in the Gospels and in Acts, we’d discover that Jesus and His Apostles lived in such a way as to receive exact directives from God the Father, and the Apostles, from the Holy Spirit.  They were immersed in God’s Word because it is quite literally ALIVE and they prayed unceasingly because they believed that the Spirit quite literally would SPEAK to them.  They lived in the reality of His presence.

Do you know what’s amiss in our belief in Christendom today?  We have ceased to believe that our Master and Commander—the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit—can actually be so specific with us about our daily directives.  As long as we cling to such notions, we will fail to find value in sitting before Him in extended times of prayer.  We will merely share our prayer requests of needs and desires, and hit the road to begin our day of our self-driven activities.

The Lord Jesus Christ really is alive and He really wants to lead Christians through this time, armed with His purposes, for His glory…  Let’s go!

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