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Extreme Waiting on God

I’m waiting… Something was supposed to arrive in the mail nearly two weeks ago and it hasn’t been delivered yet. I think it took the long route over the North Pole, fell out of the airplane and landed on a glacier. I don’t want to over spiritualize this, but God knows exactly where it is. In the meanwhile, I am called to wait…

Extreme Waiting means while we wait, we wait wholeheartedly on God, because ultimately everything begins and ends with Him. Extreme Waiting means we wait on God when commonsense screams out instructions. We wait on God when anxiety beckons us to take action. We wait on God when every door is closed.

The word of God says, “They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength…” Isaiah 40:31. “They that wait…” How inviting! While you wait, truly wait.


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An Obvious Answer

Very seriously my friend asked a rhetorical question, “Over the whole earth is there no greater known holiday than Christmas………or Easter?”  So obvious is the answer!  The magnificent birth and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Events worth celebrating every single day of the year, the rest of our life!

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My friend Laura will call me with a brilliant insight from God’s word and then she’ll jokingly say, “Now, don’t be a copycat!”  I think that’s so funny!  Of course, I’ll be a copycat and glean from what the Lord is teaching her.  But it’s so wonderful that He deals with each of us as individuals.  It’s the manifold witness of God–He’s never dull, never boring, always deeply personal and awesome in grace and mercy.  Another tip of the iceberg realization!

What a glorious, amazing God!

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There’s such a great sense of expectancy in God among believers.  It’s like the ground is rumbling beneath our feet or like hearing the sound of a train whistle blowing far before you can see it.  And the more I pray and seek God’s face for revival, the more my expectancy in Him grows.

But here’s the clarifying point in all this: it’s not about our expectations.  There’s a huge difference between placing expectations on God in prayer and being expectant in Him.  One rests with us and our expectations for answers contingent upon person, place or thing; the other rests entirely upon the sovereignty of God and trusting in His answers whatever they may be.  May we be expectant in Him, without expectations.  That means, whatever He sends, revival or no revival, our hope and confidence rests in Him.

“My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope (expectation) is from Him” Psalms 62:5.  Isn’t that the most awesome verse!  All eyes on Jesus…

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In Context

The LORD of Hosts is stirring up His people out of their slumber and complacency.  I’m just one of thousands of people who are being jolted.  Not just jolted, but there is a quickening of our spirit to the Spirit of the Living Christ.  It is a Christ awakening…  The very foundation of our faith is shifting from our stale religious ideologies, to His Word; rooted in the Living Word, inspired and led by the Spirit.

The thought that keeps reoccurring to me is that Jesus is alive and He truly, truly, really truly wants to lead….but we have to let go of our inauthentic faith, our religious spirit, and get out of the way.  And that requires the death of our will.  There’s the rub, eh?  In the light of His Presence, we’ll willingly bow and place all of it on the altar!

When was the last time you read 2 Chronicles 6 and 7?  Many know 2 Chronicles 7:14, but do you know about Solomon’s prayer to dedicate the temple and then the Lord’s response to Solomon in the night?  What an incredible story in context!!!  Please check it out!  And then, dear one, please read Oswald Chamber’s devotion for today, February 6.

Something wonderful is happening… The LORD is preparing us for revival!  A revival: a move of God, to God, reviving us to the purposes of God.

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Writer’s Block

I’ve had writer’s block.  What I can tell you is that God is blowing me away!  Well, maybe it’s not writer’s block after all, but more a condition of speechlessness.  Like, how do I put into words what God is doing?  He’s awesome!  He’s amazing!  He’s so alive and so there.  So, onward and upward…  Be back soon!

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