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It’s been such a joy preparing for different fall retreats.  My favorite part is to hover over the Word with the Lord.  There’s no rush when we study with Him.  We can just linger on one verse or read through several chapters.  And I love asking the Holy Spirit, “What does that verse mean?”

The first time I read Galatians 2:20, I asked Him to unpack it for me.  Several years later I’m still unpacking that verse with Him and I’m still discovering truths that speak to my heart.  What an amazing Teacher!


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God Pursues

I read those four, short chapters in Jonah today.  There are so many stories within that story, but three repeated sentences caught my eye.

Jonah is told by the Lord to go to Nineveh and to cry out His judgment before the Ninevites, instead he flees to Tarshish.  Three times in the first 10 verses, twice in the same verse, it says that Jonah fled, “…from the presence of the Lord” Jonah 1:3, 10.  Jonah locked in on some completely undesirable aspect of the assignment and ran from God.  No way was he going to Nineveh!  And it took a whale to bring him to his senses.

God is relentless in pursuing those who are on the run.  He will not relent.  Besides, who can flee from God?  If you are on the run, hurry home.  If you know someone who is on the run, trust that God knows a few whales.

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