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Enoch Walked With God

Have you ever considered those words in Genesis 5:24, “Enoch Walked With God“? (click link to listen to the recording)

We too get to walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, no matter where He leads…  We know this amazing reality by faith!  Not only that, He walks with us, because He indwells us.

Walk on with Him, dear one!  He is so close!


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Praying for Mark

My nephew, Mark, is in a hospital in Hawaii with a serious form of pneumonia.  He’s young and strong, but he is seriously ill.  His dad and mom are being called to his bedside and will leaving tomorrow morning.

His family is far away from him right now, but already the family of God is being rallied to his side.  Three Hawaiian believers are in route to lay hands on him and pray.  A Hawaiian pastor will come later.  And more Hawaiian believers are interceding for Mark.  We on the homeland are praying from a distance … all of us are praying fervently before God’s throne.  We are all there together lifting up this precious young man who loves the Lord with all his heart.

Jesus is with Mark.  Mark is with Jesus.  We are trusting the Lord for His healing touch.  Amen.

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God loves faith; He loves us to walk by faith and He is greatly blessed when we believe in Him no matter what.  What a joy it is to walk by faith in God our Father.  O He is so good, so faithful, so true!

I was reading in Streams in the Desert and happened upon an EM Winter poem (click link to listen) that reminded me of the sweet privilege it is to walk by faith, which then led to Hebrews 11:6.

Do you know God eagerly desires you to believe in Him right this very moment?  Isn’t that amazing?  He really longs for you to take Him seriously, joyfully.  Let’s walk by faith on His True Word.  O I pray He surprises you today!

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Sometimes when I’m out prayer walking, I will come around a corner and meet someone coming the opposite direction.  No doubt they hear my voice … they might also see me talking and moving my hands around as if I’m talking with Someone who is walking right alongside me.  He is, they just can’t see Him.  He’s so real, so present!

On this particular day, I walked past a runner … we both smiled as we greeted one another.  Perhaps she was out Prayer Walking (click to listen) or prayer running.  And then, my phone rang (rats) and I capped off my prayer with a quick AMEN!  Short for “So be it, Lord!”

We can strike up a conversation with the Lord anywhere and anytime!  He loves to go there with us.

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Not far from Mountain Home, Idaho is a little farming community called Bruneau.  In the middle of this three-street, frontier town is a church called Bruneau Community Church (BCC).  Believers gather there different times during the week and worship God together.  They know how to come together.  They understand community.  They know how to seek God’s face in prayer, because they have put their faith and trust in Him.  Mighty things are happening in very small places … His rivers run through it…

I prayed with four precious believers from BCC on Sunday night and as I drove away, I prayed this Prayer for Bruneau (click to listen).  God is preparing His Church for revival.  As the storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, rainbows are popping up everywhere. Glory to God in the Highest!

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Many people are asking how we ought to live out our days with so much going on around us?  Well, prayerfully, of course.  But we find another beautiful picture in Psalm 37:3 … Dwell in the Land (click to listen)

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The Lord hatched an idea in me yesterday.  It was like a lightening bolt realization!  O my word, I have been praying about getting back into radio for the sole purpose of praying over the airwaves and then in the middle of a great conversation with my friend, Lisa Buffaloe, I realized I didn’t have to wait.  Hello!  The nose of the Lion of Judah pushed me in a direction that had never occurred to me: record and post prayers on your blog!  Really?  Can I?  Could it be that easy?  My studio, the open spaces…  I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

So, here we go…  Prayer Vision  (click to listen)  Thank You, Lord!  O Father, You are such a creative, magnificent God! I love You so much!

My greatest desire is to glorify God and to see Him receive glory.  O Lord, may every endeavor be under the direction of Your Holy Spirit…for Your glory!  Just to be Your branch, that’s what I desire!  Go God!

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